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Your Wholesale-Buyer Purchases

One Of Our High Cash Flow / High Equity

Wholesale Properties!

You will earn and receive $3,500-$10k in referral/consulting fees when you bring a buyer to us who purchases one of our properties.

Many wholesalers have great success building buyers lists and relationships with their buyers. But we’ve found that these same wholesalers have trouble maintaining a good list of investment properties to meet their buyer’s growing needs. Hence they make less money because they don’t have enough inventory to keep up.

In addition, many wholesalers would rather spend the majority of their efforts growing their buyers list and building relationships vs. finding, viewing and locking in properties for their buyers to buy.

That’s where we come in… REI Wholesale Homes is a great source of High Cash flow, Wholesale investment properties which allows wholesalers who like to focus on building buyers lists and earning great wholesale profits without the hassle of having to worry about finding properties to receive their profit.


It’s Not Only About the Quick Referral Checks…

In Fact, This Is More Of A Wholesale Partnership…


Our Wholesale Partners all have their own interests to look after. They don’t want to tarnish their reputation by referring a friend, or a colleague to a company that mishandles their investments. To most of our Wholesale Partners, the glory isn’t in collecting giant referral checks (although it can be nice), the goal is simply to share your knowledge about investing with other investors, by introducing them to a company with proven results. That’s why REI Wholesale Homes doesn’t want the focus to be on referring as many quick sales as possible, the focus needs to be on establishing quality, long-term business relationships. This is only achievable when conducting ourselves with integrity, by being completely open, honest, and accurate when promoting our investments. Likewise, we expect our Wholesale Partners to do the same. When all parties involved act always in a professional manner, it is not only possible, it is inevitable that we will all be successful together.

Simplicity Equals More Profit!

We make it as easy for our Wholesale Partners to make referrals and their investor clients to take advantage of the opportunities across the country. Using our state of the art technology, Many have already had tremendous results. One of our more active Wholesale Partners regularly receives checks and wires totaling over $20K /month, just on their referral business with us.

Property Detail Page- On our website, you and/or your buyer-clients have the ability to view the properties that we have for sale 24hrs-a-day… 7 days-a-week. This page also allows the ability for you and or your client to take the property off the market quickly, at any time of the day or night, without needing anyone from our office to do anything.

VIP Wholesale Partners List – This is a resource used only by REI Wholesale Homes and our Wholesale Partners to view some preliminary information on properties we have before the property is made available to the general public. With access to this list you’ll see preliminary details and financial information, so you’ll be able to cherry pick properties for yourself… You’ll also be able to tip off your investor-clients on what you know is coming soon, for the properties you decide to pass on for your own portfolio.

This does two great things for our Wholesale Partners…

o First it builds their value, since they can provide their investor-client with inside opportunities before anyone else has a chance, and secondly they can see more information than is ordinarily available.

Some of our Wholesale Partners have asked for additional information such as a more specific list of exit strategies, funding options, resources and/or contacts in the area that the property is located. These items have since been included on the VIP Wholesale Partners List.

Increased Communication

Finally, my door is always open to talk with our clients… ALWAYS. However, as our Wholesale Partners have different needs, I ensure you have my & my local partner’s private cell phones so that we can have Round-The-Clock open communications as needed.

If you would like to begin a Wholesale Partnership with us, simply contact us to get set up with our internal systems. We can then coordinate with you on the next step to take, based on what has worked for other Wholesale Partners and brainstorm different options that could work best for you.

Finally, I ask you first pray about this opportunity, then if you are lead to inquire further… Don’t hesitate or procrastinate. We are looking for discipline partners.


Jim G. – President REI Wholesale Homes

Cell or Text: 585-743-9778 (call 9am -7pm EST) (Text 24/7)