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You Have 3 ways to Secure Your Private Financing…

1) Get your extensive list of Hard Money Lenders plus We’ll submit Your Quick Prelim Application To The Top 10 “Hard Money” Lenders;

2) Get your extensive list of Private Money Lenders plus We’ll submit Your Quick Prelim Application To The Top 10 “Private Money” Lenders

3) Get The Best of Both Worlds… Your List of Hard Money and Private Lenders plus We’ll submit Your Quick Prelim Application To The Top 25 Hard Money Lenders & Top 25 Private Money Lenders.

Whether you want to buy and sell single-family houses or acquire large apartment buildings, private money will propel your investing to the next level. Once we help you make the right connections, You’ll NEVER Worry about how you’re going to close a deal again.

Private Money Lenders Will Line Up and Rush To Give You Money For Your Real Estate Deals and Here’s Why…

With our network, Private Money lenders will be eager to loan you money for your real estate deals. Our private lender’s want to work with you for 3 reasons:

1) They know that you and the rest of our Investor Clients will be paying them 8% to 15% interest on the money that they’ve loaned to you;

2)Their money is secured by the real estate that you will be purchasing;

3) Our personal recommendation and initial screening helps to eliminate their risk when they invest in your business.

We Help Make It Easy To Say Yes To You!

The concept of their money that they loaned to you being secured by real estate is attractive and easy for them to understand, making it an even easier sell for you and us to get them to sign up to your request for private funding.


You Can Now Avoid
The Drawbacks of Conventional Financing:

You WILL NOT have to qualify based on credit profile, documentation of income, and
available assets and cash reserves.

The Lender DOES NOT have to approve the condition of the property which can be a major problem if you are buying a property that needs substantial repairs.

There WILL NOT be a ton of paperwork requirements, like conventional lenders, who are very slow to close, making it detrimental to your negotiating power as a real estate investor.


So what are the advantages and the benefits for you when you use Hard Money &/or Private Money Lenders as a financing source for your real estate deals?

You will have immediate access to funds just as if you were working with your
own cash.

There is no credit qualification, income verification or approval of the properties you purchase.

Private loans do not show up on yours or your business’s credit profile and do not affect your credit score.

There are no inherent limits to the number of lenders you can borrow from or the amount of funds.

You are negotiating the terms of the loan directly with the lender, so you can set the terms to your advantage.

There are a ton of benefits and advantages that you instantly receive using private lenders to bankroll your real estate investing operations. The bottom line is financing is undeniably an important component of any real estate business.

When we ask real estate investors what is the biggest single obstacle holding them back
from reaching their investing goals, we always say the same thing … “They don’t have the money to do deals”.
Many also say “They can have a ton of deals but they just don’t have the money to buy them.

The banks would not loan me any money”

We want you know a couple of FACTS:

1) You are surrounded by dozens of private lenders, ready and eager to finance you.
These are regular people who are always looking for a good return on their investment

2) You can have millions of dollars waiting in the wings – without jumping through hoops for bank loans, being ripped off by dishonest money lenders, or getting blown off by
sellers who fear creative financing.

3) Once you have lenders, you’ll learn to attract so many more that they compete to loan you money. And once they’re in competition, they’ll gladly accept a lower interest rate.

Our Private Lending Network is a proven system you can now use to borrow all the money you need FROM PEOPLE… NOT BANKS…And because you are borrowing from people, you get the money faster with no monthly payments, points, fees, credit checks, or borrowing limits….

Can you imagine having all the money you need to buy property? Don’t learn the hard way (like many do)!

Short cut the process and get all the funding you need – right now

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