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Once you find a private lender on the next page, this Quick Prelim Private Loan Application will be sent to list of top Proven Hard Money &/or Private Money Lenders in our database who fit your profile, only at your request. The Quick Prelim Private Loan Application will give the lender a snapshot of your financial situation and your project needs. Be sure to provide complete and full disclosure on this form . Upon their receipt of this Prelim Application, you will begin getting responses back from private lenders who have an interest in your deal.

Once you receive your first response you will may need to complete some additional documents per the lender’s request. One of the additional documents is vital in facilitating a thorough title search on the subject property. The other documents you may need to provide will vary based on your financial status, the type of loan you are seeking, and the collateral property involved.

Examples of Additional Forms that May Be Requested are:

• tax returns,
• financial statements,
• bank statements,
• valuation information on other properties owned, and
• leases.

Each private money, or hard money lender will have specific supplementary documents their investors require based on the type of loan you require.

The key to this step is to Get Private lenders fighting Over You. This will help guarantee Your loan request will get accepted.

In most cases your Borrower Profile Can be submitted for Acceptance for A Private Investment Loan – With No Credit Check!

Upon Submission of Your Quick Prelim Application and Choosing your Private Money Lenders on the following page, We will contact you within 1-2 business days to give you an update on your status.

We expect you’ll begin receiving phone and/or email contact from private money lenders within 4-7 business days.