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100% money back guarantee!

Borrow from these private lenders and… Say goodbye to mortgage companies and hard money lenders. Get back in the game: resume buying rehabs and long-term rentals. Quit worrying about your credit score or “getting approved.” Save $6,000+ per deal over hard money. Often get cash at closing when you BUY. Often make no interest payments until you sell. And much, much more.

Pay close attention because this CHANGES EVERYTHING you know about funding your deals in today’s market…Over the past few months, my team and I have been secretly working to do something that’s never been done before… compile a detailed list of active private lenders in every city, including Rochester.When someone visits our real estate investing website, we’ve been asking them if they want to lend private money. And if they say Yes, we get all sorts of valuable information about their loan terms, property requirements, and more.

“Network of Private Lenders!”

This insider’s exclusive list of private lenders that gives you the power to do more deals than you ever thought possible. The list contains some VERY important information. Information that you have NEVER seen anyone else compile. In addition to each lender’s name, it has:

• Their phone number
• Their email address
• Mailing Address
• The interest rate they plan to charge
• The amount they have to lend

Just click here now to check it out. (Phone numbers and email addresses have been blocked out.)

Did you scroll through the list above? Like what you saw? We thought you might. 🙂

Not only is the information we collected special, but so are the people. Why? Because most have not been spoiled yet!


Would you like to make an extra $6,000 or more on your next deal?

  • Then borrow private money.
    • When you use hard money to fund a typical deal, it’ll look something like this: Let’s say that you borrow $80,000. The up-front fees are 3% origination points ($2,400), a $495 processing fee, and a $495 analysis fee. The interest rate is 16.5%, which adds up to $6,750 over six months. In total, you’ll spend $10,095 to fund your deal. Yikes! There goes a big chunk of your profits.
    • When you use private money to fund the same deal, it’ll look something like this: You borrow $80,000. You pay no points, no processing or analysis fees, and you get a 10% interest rate. Over six months, you’ll spend $4,000.
    • So in this scenario, over six months you’ll spend about $4,000 to finance your deal instead of about $10,000. You save $6,000, which is all extra profit. And that’s just on one deal!
    • If you’re doing just five deals a year, that’s $30,000 in extra profits for almost zero extra work. All you did was change your lender. Now THAT is the power of private money!
    • NOTE: These savings would be greater if you borrowed from a private lender at less than 10%, and this
      list contains several of those low-rate lenders.
  • Have you been turned down for hard money loans but still want to rehab properties?
    • Then borrow private money.
    • Hard money lenders have tightened up on borrower and property requirements over the last few years. Many investors cannot borrow from hard money lenders because of their credit score.
    • Every private money lender is different, but most tend to have fairly loose lending requirements in place… much looser than hard money lenders. Some will lend if they simply like and trust you.
  • Do you want to walk away from closing with cash (often $15,000 or more) when you BUY?
    • Then borrow private money.
    • Hard money lenders and mortgage companies require a down payment. Plus you’ll have to fund the repairs. Hard money lenders will reimburse you for repairs later, but you still have to fund them out of pocket first.
    • Private money to the rescue! Many private lenders will fund your purchase price AND repairs up front. This allows you to walk away from closing with cash when you BUY. I’ve walked away with a check for $15,000 before, which is common in the private money world.
  • Are you capped out at 10 mortgages but want to buy more rental properties?
    • Then borrow private money.
    • Due to FHA requirements, it’s close to impossible to get an investor loan if you already have 10 mortgages on your credit report. With private lenders, you can resume adding to your portfolio by taking out long-term loans from these lenders. If you get a good enough interest rate, you can still make tremendous cash flow.
  • Do you want to buy rentals but can’t qualify for a mortgage?
    • Then borrow private money.
    • If you can’t qualify for a mortgage because of your credit score, income, or some other factor, private money is the answer.
    • Many private lenders are less interested in those negative factors if you can show them that you’re responsible and trustworthy.
    • Your rentals can still provide cash flow – often lots of it – with private money because some lenders are lending at such low interest rates and some are willing to grant long-term loans.
  • Are you new to investing and want a leg up?
    • Then borrow private money.
    • In an example above, I showed you how to save/make an extra $6,000 on a typical deal by using private money.
    • If you’re a new investor, take all of your savings from borrowing private money (instead of hard money) and plow that into your marketing efforts. You’ll steamroll your local competition and establish yourself as a big name around town in a flash.
    • Or use the extra $6,000 to make up for any mistakes that you make during the rehab or sale/lease of a property. It’s funny how money can solve so many problems.
  • Do you want to reduce the interest rate on an existing mortgage by doing a refi?
    • Then borrow private money.
    • If you’re holding properties at an interest rate of 10-12% or higher, then refinance to a lower interest rate using the money from a private lender in this
      list. Many lenders will agree to a lower rate for long-term loans.
    • Let’s say that you own a rental property and the numbers look like so:
      • Loan amount: $80,000
      • Interest rate: 12%
      • Loan term: 30 years
      • Monthly mortgage payment on a 30-year note: $823
      • Other expenses: $300
      • Total expenses: $1,123
      • Rental income: $1,200
      • Cash flow: $77
    • If you can cut your interest rate in half with a private money refi, the numbers will look like so:
      • Loan amount: $80,000
      • Interest rate: 6%
      • Loan term: 15 years
      • Monthly mortgage payment on a 15-year note: $675
      • Other expenses: $300
      • Total expenses: $975
      • Rental income: $1,200
      • Cash flow: $225
    • Did you see what happened? By cutting your interest rate from 12% to 6%, you increased your cash flow from $77 to $225. That’s an extra $148 in your pocket each month… or $1,700 per year! PLUS, you’ll pay it off in 15 years instead of 30, which is an even bigger deal than the monthly cash flow increase.
  • Do you want to do a “cash out refi” on an existing property?
    • Then borrow private money.
    • Let’s say that you need money because you are in a financial bind. Or maybe you have an investment opportunity that you’d like to pursue. But you don’t have the available funds.
    • Enter the “cash out refi.” If you have a property that is “free and clear” or one that is paid down substantially, you can borrow private money against that property and then spend the funds on your problem or opportunity.
    • Banks and mortgage companies used to fund cash out refis left and right. Not anymore! But who cares? You’re about to replace them with private money.
  • Would you like to make ZERO monthly payments while you rehab a property?
    • Then borrow private money.
    • Many private lenders will allow you to pay all of the interest at the time you SELL the property. So your monthly payment while you hold the property is, well, zero. Talk about relieving the financial pressure of a rehab!

As you can see, private money can be the greatest tool in your tool belt for just about any investing situation. And that’s why so many “gurus” have jumped on the private money bandwagon lately. A few are selling lists of private money lenders. If you have seen these offerings and are wondering what makes this
list different, then please read below. You’ll find the difference to be night and day…

How this private money list compares to lists that some gurus are selling…

A few investing gurus have recently been selling lists of private lenders. It’s important to know the differences between their lists and our
list. My goal is not to “knock them” but to inform you.

They compile their lists by mining through the county records to find individual lenders. They gather the name and physical mailing address for each lender. It’s then your job to send letters to these lenders in hopes of borrowing their funds.

While there’s a chance you can find a lender, there are numerous drawbacks to their lists. These include:

  • Their lists do not contain the lenders’ phone number, email address, interest rate requirements, or loan amount. Just a name and mailing address.
  • Your only option is to send a letter. And letters require you to spend your money on postage and your valuable time licking and sticking.
  • From what I’ve seen and heard, most of the people on those lists sold on owner financing – probably because they had to. They are NOT private lenders.
  • Of the potential private lenders, many lent once. But that doesn’t mean they’re looking to lend again. In other words, they didn’t raise their hand and say “I’m looking to lend now. Please contact me.” Therefore, they’re naturally less motivated to lend than those who have indicated they are ready to lend now.
  • You don’t know their interest rate requirements or how much money they have to lend up front, so it’s more difficult to find a starting point.
  • Since they didn’t expect to be contacted, it’s likely that many will be turned off by an unsolicited request for their funds. It’s not good for the future of your relationship if their first thought is, “How did they get my address and why do they want my money?”
  • Most people simply throw away mail from people they don’t know. It is generally known that response rates from letters and other direct mail are less than 1%.
  • An associate who purchased one such private money list and sent direct mail informed me that he had little to no success.

By now, it should be clear that the list we’ve created is extremely powerful. It contains the name, phone number, and email address of people who are lending in today’s market… in the Rochester area … to investors like you. Plus, it tells you how much they have to lend and at what interest rate.

It’s a list unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s a list that can save you $6,000+ over hard money on your next deal alone. Or it can enable you to make $20,000+ on a deal that would otherwise be out of your reach.

So if your next thought is not…

“Where do I sign and how can I get my hands on this list now?”

…then real estate investing may not be your calling! I’m just being honest and direct here.

I’m sorry to say that, but it’s very true. Making money as an investor requires being able to identify HUGE opportunities. I can guarantee you there are investors jumping all over this right now. They know its value to their investing business.

You need to do the same. Be able to recognize a stellar opportunity and GRAB it!

That’s where breakthroughs are made. That’s where goals are achieved. That’s where dreams come true. Being timid or indecisive is what prevents people from gaining an edge, from growing, and what prevents them from earning major wealth.

So be sure to take action when you see something golden. Make sure you take advantage of REAL opportunities and real methods that will increase your knowledge, wealth and results. Take action!

Making money in real estate investing is no different than making money in any other kind of business…

It takes being bold and being willing to make decisions… and being someone who makes things happen.

And I’m willing to do my best to help you make it happen. I kept that in mind when deciding what to do with this
list — to keep it for myself or to share it — to price it high or to price it low.

I won’t bore you with how many “experts” have told me I should keep this
list to myself or sell it for thousands of dollars. Some have said $10,000+ considering its power.

This list is so powerful because it enables its owner to tap into the private money goldmine with little to no effort. These lenders are sitting there “on a platter” with “money in hand” just waiting for your call or email. After all, they already know that you’ll be contacting them.

And while this list is highly valuable and could demand an equally large price, I chose to help you by sharing it…

…and by sharing it at an extremely low price. A price that makes it accessible for the average investor. So for now…

This list can be yours for a small payment of only $297, $197, $97.

$197Just $97click here to order

That’s right. You get access to this incredible list for just $97. That’s less than a dollar per lender!

money-back guarantee

Yes, that’s a bold guarantee, but that’s how confident we are in the quality and power of this list!

But to get this list and to lock in your money back guarantee, you’ll have to be lightning fast! I’m as serious as a heart attack. You need to claim your copy now because…

This offer is only valid for a LIMITED TIME!

For a less than the cost of a trip to the grocery store, you’re about to unlock the private money floodgates!

If that’s not the deal of a lifetime, I don’t know what is. There are only two reasons why you’d pass on a deal like this:

You either don’t believe that this list is what I say it is. -OR- You don’t believe in yourself.

If you don’t believe in the list, all I can say is that it’s real and it will be extremely valuable to your real estate investing business. I’ve shown it to you in detail right here.

You should also know that I create and sell ONLY products I believe will benefit my customers. It’s one of my company’s core values. And I believe in this product with my entire being.

If you don’t believe in yourself, then it’s time you kick that habit… take some action! You can do this.

We’ve just completed your puzzle.

We’ve opened the goldmine. All you have to do is grab your share of the gold. Go for it! Get your hands on this
list now. Then borrow their funds, and close on more big-profit deals than you’ve ever imagined possible. And I’ll see you at the top!

Until next time, happy (and profitable) investing!

Doug Smith

Seasoned Real Estate Investor

Creator of the Private Money Goldmine

P.S. Think of where you will be just 5 days from now. Will you have
315 private lenders in your back pocket as you borrow at
6-12% interest with no points or fees? Or will you still be overpaying hard money lenders and getting turned down by banks?

P.P.S. The HUGE discount (Just $97 instead of $197) is only valid for a LIMITED TIME, so act now!

P.P.P.S. We guarantee your success with these lenders. You get 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied!


Just $97!