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Private Investors

Trying to find a private investors is tricky and difficult to do on your own. The person that helps you get the money you want to borrow from private investors is a private money lender. (In the banking world this individual is commonly called a loan officer.)

The Private Money Lending Network includes a directory to find private investors who can help you get a private money loan.

In addition to helping you find private loans, The Private Money Lending Network is a comprehensive, online resource for borrowers or investors interested in educating themselves about the world of private money loans and and private lending.

Private Investors

Use our #1 Private Lending Network

Use our nationwide Private Lending Network to find a private money lender to contact. You can search for a lender by:

  • location
  • loan type
  • keyword (e.g. construction loan or rehab loan)

Contact a Private Lender

Contact one or more of the private lenders and present your loan scenario. Then interview those investing in private lending and find someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Private Investors



Frequently Asked Questions about Finding Private Lenders:

How does the Private Money Lending Network help me find private lenders?
Our Network will put you in direct contact with private lenders . Because you can select a lender by loan type, it is the best network of private lenders in the country.

What is the best way to find private investors?

Whether you are looking for a rehab loan, a bridge loan, or a loan on commercial real estate, our private money lending network will help you find private investors so you can borrow private money with loan terms that work best for you.

Private Investors

How do I find companies or individuals in Private Lending?
Private Investors are a valuable resource when you want to get private loans. To get in direct contact with a private lender, use our network.

How do I apply for a private money loan for land?
The first step for any private money loan application is to find a land private money lender with the land loan type you need and then request an application.

Where do I gain access to a list of private investors?
Click on the Lender Network button anywhere on this page to access the #1 resource list of private investors. No other guide will enable you to search for a lender by the types of loans that they do, such as rehab loans, bridge loans, commercial loans, multi-family loans and many other kinds of real estate private loans.

Use our #1 Private Lending Network

Private Investors

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