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How To Raise Private Money Course

“Who Else Wants To Learn The Secrets Of How To Find, Attract and Utilize Private Lenders To Fund Your Real Estate Deals?”

Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur:

Could you use an unlimited supply of money to fund your real estate deals? If you are a serious real estate investor I know the answer to that question is a resounding yes! Common sense says that if you invest in real estate you need cash to buy houses. So how do you get this cash without having to go to a bank, qualify for a loan,waiting to be approved and putting up a downpayment? The answer is by using private lenders to fund your real estate deals.

What is a private lender and what is private lending? The definition of a private lender is an individual that you can negotiate directly with on a personal basis to borrow money for real estate investments. These are individuals from all walks of life who do not lend money for a living and may not know the first thing about the real estate business but who have some form of capital or assets that they can invest with.

These individuals are generally middle class people, who have some extra funds to lend. They can be retired business people, corporate executives, professionals such as doctors, lawyers, or business owners or even blue collar workers all looking for returns substantially above the 1% to 5% they get at the banks.

When most people think of someone who lends money for real estate they are likely to imagine a wealthy individual, but wealthy individuals are only one category of private lenders. The bottom line is private lenders can come from all walks of life.

So the concept of “private lending” can be defined as the process of borrowing real estate investment funds from private individuals at rates higher than these lenders can normally achieve using conventional investing institutions like banks and conventional investment vehicles like stocks, bonds, CDs etc.

Private Lenders Will Line Up and Rush To Give You Money For Your Real Estate Deals and Here’s Why.

Private lenders will be eager to loan you money because of the simple fact that you will be paying them 10% to 15% interest on the money that they’ve loaned to you. And this loan or their money is secured by the real estate that you will be purchasing. So there is little risk for them when they invest in your business and the concept of their money that they loaned to you being secured by real estate is attractive and easy for them to understand, making it an even easier sell for you to get them to sign up to your private lending program.

You will find private lending prospects everywhere through your marketing efforts and “word of mouth” that will spread like wildfire because a great deal of people will find out from their friends or relatives that you pay high interest for their loans on your real estate projects. They will want to get in on the “action” and take advantage of this tremendous money making opportunity that you are offering.

So what are the advantages and the benefits for you when you use private lenders as a financing source for your real estate deals?

  • You will have immediate access to funds just as if you were working with your own cash.
  • There is no credit qualification, income verification or approval of the properties you purchase.
  • Private loans do not show up on yours or your business’s credit profile and do not affect your credit score.
  • There are no inherent limits to the number of lenders you can borrow from or the amount of funds.
  • You are negotiating the terms of the loan directly with the lender, so you can set the terms to your advantage.

There are a ton of benefits and advantages that you instantly receive using private lenders to bankroll your real estate investing operations. The bottom line is financing is undeniably an important component of any real estate business. Few individuals have enough of their own cash to use to purchase properties, and those who do generally know better than to use their own cash in their real estate investing.

It is a common story for a new real estate investor to start out with a lot of capital and little experience, only to lose all their cash in the learning process and have to learn how to do things the right way the second time around. So using private lenders to fund your deals is the ultimate solution for you because you wont be using your own cash and risking your wealth.

To set up your private lending program you need an actual blue print as well as the secrets and the information of how it is effectively and actually done.

In my home study course entitled “Private Lending For Real Estate Investors”, I give you that information along with the secrets and the blue print to get your private lending program off the ground and immediately flourishing. It is the perfect model for finding, attracting, and working with private lenders to fund your real estate deals. Here’s some of the things you will learn in this amazing home study course.

You will learn:

The secrets of acquiring private lenders.

How to find and attract “wealthy” private lenders.

How to effectively deal with private lenders once you have
acquired them.

How to build your Private Lending Marketing Machine.

How to use private funds in your real estate business.

How to use private lending for wholesaling, “subject to”,
rehabbing and short sales

How to put together your “private lending package”.

How to give a seminar for private lending prospects.

How to build “credibility” with private lenders.

S.E.C rules in regards to private lending.

The secrets of getting private lenders to use their IRA’s to fund your deals.

How to become a “Private Money Broker“.

And much much more…………

This is what you will receive in your package

1 Manual

3 audio cds
1 forms cd

Which includes:

A Private Lender Package Outline

Credibility Booklet Outline

Private Lender Commitment Form

Plus these 4 incredible bonuses

Bonus CD #1 (value at $19)

Choosing A Business Structure For Your Real Estate Business

This cd highlights the advantages, disadvantages and tax consequences of forming your real estate business as a sole proprietorship, an LLC, a Corporation or limited Liability Partnership.

Bonus CD #2 (value $59)

Super Directory Of Hard Money Lenders

You’ll get my Super Directory of Hard Money Lenders which consists of over 500 Hard Money Lenders that will fund your real estate deals.

Bonus CD #3 (value $59)

A Conversation On Financing Investing Real Estate Properties

Features Bob Beckman of Rehab Funding And Ron Legrand discussing how to get financing for your real estate deals.

Bonus CD # 4 (value $25)

Using Scripts In Your Quick Turn Real Estate Business

This is what others had to say about the home study course “Private Lending For Real Estate Investors”

“I was always looking for the answer on how to get money for my real estate transactions, your course gave me that answer and opened up my eyes to the world of private lending. Thank You”
Mike McNamara Bloomfield, New Jersey

“I read your home study course from beginning to end and it simplified the entire private lending process for me. I love the idea of using other people’s money to make a ton of money for myself.”
Lanely Tomlin Boca Raton, Florida

“I give your course on private lending 5 stars out of a possible 5 stars because of its’ powerful content, relevant information and readability. I will have my private lending program in effect in a few days.”
Mary Hemingway Cleveland, Ohio

Still Need More Convincing Why Private Lending Is A Better Option For You Than Conventional Financing To Fund your Deals?

Drawbacks of Conventional Financing:

  • The borrower has to qualify based on credit profile,documentation of income, and available assets and cash reserves.
  • The Lender has to approve the condition of the property which can be a major problem if you are buying a property that needs substantial repairs.
  • Because of all the paperwork requirements of conventional lenders they are relatively slow to close, which is detrimental to your negotiating power as a real estate investor.

So don’t delay get your Private Lending Program started today.My amazing home study course “Private Lending For Real Estate Investors” will show you the secrets of how to obtain private funds to generate massive profits for your real estate business and gain an edge on your competition.


Omar Johnson
P.S. If you have a desire to obtain limitless,
flexible financing then utilizing private lending
is exactly what the doctor ordered!

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