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Private money investor investing real estate 10 CD SET


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Dear fellow real estate investors? Are you frustrated with all the lame products being sold that promise advice but completely FAIL to deliver? If you are looking for ONE FORMULA….

If you are looking for A TURN KEY SYSTEM that will show you once and for all how to break out and create success in this business I am going to CHALLENGE you to take a ‘LEAP OF FAITH’ and try my system.



I started out years back in the mortgage business. I made money but still struggled and wanted to do better. For a few years, I studied other people buying and selling real estate. Eventually, thru trial and error I created MY OWN SYSTEM for buying and selling real estate.

This is the deal. You can not get much done without a SYSTEM and a PLAN OF ACTION. My advice is that even if you do not use my system you come up with your own. It will allow you to buy more, sell more, and it can help prevent you from making bad deals.

So how did this system work out for me? In a few short years I was able to BUY and SELL over 150 properties. My average profit PER TRANSACITON was $37,000. A few years ago I was able to go into SEMI-RETIREMENT. I still hold some property and once in a while I will buy and turn a property with a coaching student.

Now, I have a question for you. How many of these so called “GURUS” have bought 100, 50 or even 20 properties? The ONLY WAY to teach someone how to buy property is to BUY PROPERTY… A LOT OF IT!!!! And the ONLY way to buy and sell OVER 150 PROPERTIES is with a PROVEN SYSTEM….

But there is the problem. You will almost NEVER hear from people who are REALLY successful at buying and selling real estate. HERE IS WHY





Frankly, I never had any interest what so ever in selling any type of packaged products. I mean, why would I? If I want to create additional income, (which I do not) all I have to do is put my system to work and within a few short weeks, I would have MY CHOICE of anywhere from 3 to 5 different properties that are ready to buy.

The creation of this product came about completely by accident. It almost NEVER HAPPENED. See, I am semi retired. But from time to time I take on coaching clients. These clients pay me $10,000 to $15,000 to work with me one on one and learn the real estate business. (I am currently not taking on any coaching clients)

For a while I was actually bouncing around the idea of creating an online group coaching program for real estate investors when I stumbled onto Manny Talavera on the internet. Manny is a Marketing consultant and strategic coach and is also an information marketer.

What happened is that I explained to Manny that I was interested in doing something online for my coaching students. Manny suggested that we start creating content (audio recordings) that I can post weekly for my coaching students.

We originally planned on creating about 4 hours of content but we ended up with about 10. In the middle of all of this I ended up going to Australia for six weeks. When I got back I got busy with family and my plans to do a membership coaching website got put on a back burner.

So we ended up with these audios and Manny suggested we sell them. He even offered to go in and professionally edit them. After going back and forth I gave him the go ahead but I told him to sell them ‘AS IS’. NO EDITING.. UNCUT…

What we ended up with was three different products. How To Get Rich Buying Abandoned Properties, How To Raise Unlimited Money To Fund Your Real Estate Investing Deals, and How To Get Real Estate Bird Dogs, (property scouts) To Bring You Deals.


How To Get Rich Buying

Abandoned Properties

The first part of this set involves how to actually find the properties, how to inspect them and how to deal with property owners and make offers. This is actually the NUTS & BOLTS of my system.


· Why owners abandon properties

· Finding abandon properties with profit potential

· How to locate owners and qualified buyers

· Writing a FOOLPROOF offer for the property

· How to deal with Counter-offers and negotiations

· How to negotiate with owners in Foreclosure

· Inside Secrets for rehabbing properties for instant equity

· How to OPTION abandoned properties for CASH FLOW!

· How to find MOTIVATED Partners for your deals

· Investment Strategies that focus on abandoned properties

· How to deal with home owners in BANKRUPTCY

· How to close deals fast and how to use escrows

· Plus much more!!!




To fund your real estate investing deals

When I ask real estate investors what is the biggest single obstacle holding them back from reaching their investing goals, I always say the same thing … “They don’t have the money to do deals”.

I completely understand because I was once in the same position. I had tons of deals but no money to buy them. The banks would not loan me any money so I figured out a system for finding and using PRIVATE INVESTORS.

Did you know that you are surrounded by dozens of private lenders, ready and eager to finance you. These are regular people who are always looking for a good return on their investment dollars.


You can have millions of dollars waiting in the wings – without jumping through hoops for bank loans, being ripped off by hard-money lenders, or getting blown off by sellers who fear creative financing.


Once you have lenders, you’ll learn to attract so many more that they fight to loan you money. And once they’re in competition, they’ll gladly accept a lower interest rate.

By using my system you can borrow all the money you need FROM PEOPLE… NOT BANKS…And because you are borrowing from people, you get the money faster with no monthly payments, points, fees, credit checks, or borrowing limits….

Can you imagine having all the money you need to buy property? Don’t learn the hard way (like I did)! Short cut the process and get all the funding you need – right now


  • · How to borrow money on your terms!
  • · How to get lenders to stand in line and beg to give you money!
  • · How to generate a quick $7,000 to $25,000 within 21 days!
  • · The secrets to building instant trust with your private lenders!
  • · How to always have cash ready to close any deal!
  • · How to borrow with no points, fees, or monthly payments!
  • · How to turn every social gathering into an opportunity to raise $250,000 in private money, without ever asking for it!
  • · How to get 100% financing, plus all the money you need for renovations!
  • · The best way to wield your “all-cash” position to negotiate rock-bottom prices on the properties you buy.
  • · How to gain an “unfair advantage” over your poorly-funding competitors!



How To Find Real Estate

Property Scouts (Bird Dogs)

To Find You Deals!

This is the thing. Anyone thru SHEAR DETERMINATION can start buying property, rehabbing it, and selling it. The question is how many are you going to be able to buy, fix and turn without a system.

Most investors are able to buy only a few pieces of property. But I was able to buy and sell over 150 units. There is NO WAY that I could have done this without a group of people who were doing all of the leg work for me.

What is important, is that these ‘property scouts’ all worked for FREE. They were only paid a FEE if the property was bought, rehabbed and sold. I will show you how to find, train and deal with property scouts.

Now you are probably asking, why would anyone do all of this for free… The answer to that is simple. These people were all up and coming FUTURE real estate investors.

These people were all unpaid apprentices, interns, PA’s, and in some cases PAID COACHING CLIENTS…. Remember what I said about the files on my desk? This is where they came from. In a lot of cases other people did ALL of the leg work.

This is the thing. This system allowed me to focus only on BUYING PROPERTY. By utilizing property scouts, I always had people bringing me deals. Not just ANY DEALS, only deals that fitted my PREDETERMINED BUYING CRITERIA…

This part of the system allow you to REPLACE YOURSELF and have other people doing all of the leg work so that you can focus on picking the right deals, dealing with contractors and getting properties on the market ASAP.

The key to wealth is SPEED. Your goal should be to TURN a property in as little as 4 months. That keeps your holding costs down. The longer you hold a property the more it costs you. That is also why it is so important to make sure that you have a good profit margin built in.


This product is offered with a 100%


If for any reason you are not happy for ANY REASON

you can send this product back for a refund.

Manny Talavera

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