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Find Private Lenders Now System

“Discover How To Find All The Money You’ll Ever Need To Fund Your Real-Estate Deals… Regardless of Your Income, Assets, or Credit Score”

My Simple Step-By-Step “Find Private Lenders Now” System Reveals…

  • Where to find all the money you’ll ever need, right in your own backyard, to close deals and never let a massive check slip through your hands again because you didn’t have access to money.
  • Why you’ll never need to apply for a traditional loan or provide your financial paperwork, and still access a seemingly endless money source.
  • How to DOMINATE your local real estate market, or any market, because you have the cash to close on amazing profit rich deals other investors are forced to pass up.


(Just pay shipping and handling.)

Dear Friend,

Would you agree that your single biggest challenge to being successful in the real estate business is getting access to cash to close deals?

If you aren’t doing anything to find the money you need to close deals and address your single biggest challenge then how will your business or your lifestyle be any different tomorrow than it is today?

It won’t, unless you have a simple system to get access to cash, through private lenders right in your backyard, where you live, who are already funding deals for investors just like you…regardless of your income, assets or credit score.

As a real estate investor you can no longer afford to depend on banks or hard money lenders to get the money you need to do deals.

Because of the mortgage meltdown traditional lenders won’t speak to you if you mention the words “real estate investing.”

Hard money lenders are hurting so bad, the ones that are still around are so hesitant to do deals they pile you down with paperwork and scrutinize every move you make.

It’s unfortunate because there is so much to capitalize on in today’s market to make a fortune buying rock bottom priced properties. In fact, we’re currently experiencing……

The Greatest Real Estate Opportunity In Our Lifetime

Never before have we seen a chance to buy properties for so little. The savvy investors are snatching up diamonds in the rough, and right now positing themselves to create wealth for years to come.

Amazing deals are everywhere… -, short sales, auctions, REOs, rehabs, discounted notes, For Sale By Owner – even multi-family and commercial properties.

You can buy these properties and rent for cash flow, hold them for long term equity and appreciate, flip to other real estate investors for quick cash, or rehab and sell to end buyers for huge profits.

Right now you can buy properties for as low as 30 cents on the dollar – it’s amazing the kind of deals you can find on great properties – they’re everywhere!

But here’s the problem…

You need CASH, or access to CASH in order to close these deals…period

Yes, that’s right! All of the investors who are crushing it and becoming wealthy right now, have cash or access to cash, PERIOD.

Here’s the cold hard truth. All of the investors who are gobbling up properties at 30, 40, and 50 cents on the dollar have cash…or access to cash through private lenders.

If you want to buy a property at the county auction, it requires CASH. (The banks won’t finance it)

If you want to buy a property that needs rehab, it requires CASH. (The banks won’t finance it)

If you want to buy an REO/Bank Owned Home as an investor, you’re competition will be making CASH offers…what do you think you need to have? CASH! Which offer do you think the bank that foreclosed on that home will want….the CASH offer!

Without cash, or access to cash, especially in today’s marketplace, you’ll sit on the sidelines helplessly watching as the opportunity of a lifetime passes by.

But what I’m about to reveal to you opens the floodgates of possibilities and gives you access to a seemingly unlimited source for cold hard cash – the funding you need for any deal you do.

And this secret money source is yours FREE in my simple, step-by-step “Find Private Lenders Now” system. Just pay shipping and handling and it’ll be immediately delivered straight to your home or office.

I began my career in real estate and finance back in 2000 as a mortgage broker in the Tampa area of Florida. I started my own business and as the real estate market began to explode, so did my income

I had a big office stacked up with loan officers and I was making a ton of money. By 29, I had an explosive business that was cranking out cash, all the toys, a house on the water…you name it, I had it…..AND THEN IN 2006 THE HOUSING MARKET TANKED.

When the market tanked, so did my business, my marriage, and my spirit. I was broke…in more than one way. I basically lost it all…and it was quick.

I walked around with my tail between my legs for about six months and then I realized that I simply was not created to be a failure…and I wouldn’t settle for anything less than the lifestyle I wanted and deserved.

In 2007 I got my “mojo” back and created a relationship with a private lender, and that is when my life, and my business, absolutely exploded…and that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing with investors how your life and your business will explode once you discover how to find and attract ACTIVE private lenders right in your back yard.

I eventually went on to start iVisionary Financial Solutions which has grown to be one of the largest transactional funders in the entire country. Currently I do somewhere between 20-30 deals per month, funding around $5-6.5 million a month. We’ve funded over $100,000,000 in transactions and on top of that, I’m still active in investing and I still love doing deals every day.

Making money aside…

I love helping people succeed. That’s at the core of what I do … I help change real estate investors lives and lifestyles. That’s the beauty of real estate, and that’s why I’m writing you today.

With Real Estate…

  • You can work at your own pace
  • You can close deals quickly and still have time with your family
  • You can earn more cash than you would in a typical 9-5 job

In other words, you can build yourself an enviable lifestyle. You can help people sell their problem properties and make tons of profits you could use for your retirement, build your dream home, or create a better future for your family.

You can do all this and more as a real estate investor. The only problem now is…

How To Find The Private Lenders To Close All The Deals That Are Right In Front Of You

How else will you become successful in the real estate, or grow your existing business if you don’t have access to Private Lenders? You can dip into your pocket, but don’t do that. That makes no sense and most folks can’t pay all cash for discounted properties or large down payments anyway. Do you really want to put your life savings, retirement, or your children’s college fund at risk?

How about getting loans from banks or hard money lenders? Forget about those funding sources. Times have changed and they’ve made it virtually impossible for investors to borrow money. They require endless stacks of paperwork, financial documents, your credit scores, your bank statements, oh, and don’t forget about a hefty down payment.

You don’t need that kind of stress in your life. After all, you want to become a real estate investor to have a comfortable lifestyle right?

Only problem is you still need money to close deals. And in today’s economy, cash is king. Why? Cash makes things a lot easier for everyone.

If you have cash, you can say:

  • YES to short sales that require a hold
  • YES to deals where you don’t have an end buyer
  • YES to auction deals where you need cash
  • YES to REOs where you must have cash
  • YES to deals that need rehabbing

Imagine the sickening feeling you’d experience knowing you let a deal with $20,000…$30,000…$40,000 in profit slip through your fingers. That’s often what happens because another investor swoops in and takes your profitable, life changing deal while you’re looking for the money to close. Or better yet, you might night even have the confidence to be making offers right now because you are afraid you couldn’t fund the deal if the offer actually got accepted.

But where do you get the money? Times have changed. You no longer need banks and hard money lenders.

The truth is you can close deals without using your own money and without the help of banks or hard money lenders. That’s where private lenders come in. These are people who can give you that power to create mind-blowing deals. They are simply individuals, not bank, that lend money to real estate investors because it can give them a much larger return on their money than simply parking it at the bank.

Want An Unfair Advantage Over Your
Competition? Private Lenders…

  • Have the cash that you need, and cash is KING right now
  • Allow you to close quickly because you have the money to deal.
  • Skip the ugly qualifying process-all you need to show them is a good deal and in this market, finding a good deal is the easy part.l.
  • Don’t care about your cash or credit.
  • Give you the confidence that you need in closing deals, because again, you have the money which gives you the power and the confidence to close them.

The good news is these private lenders are looking for you. They want to lend you money so that they can get a better return on their investment than in stocks, bonds, etc.

YES, read that one more time and EMBRACE IT! Private Lenders are looking for you and they are looking for you regardless of your income, assets, or credit score. They lend money based upon how good the deal is, not based upon your personal financial situation.

Sounds good, right?

The only challenge left in front of you is how to find these private lenders. And what’s even more important is how you’ll talk to these lenders once you find them.

It’s not as if you can just approach them, extend your hand and ask for money. It doesn’t work that way. You are dealing with sophisticated investors, so you need a sophisticated way of talking with them.

Now you might be shaking your head and wondering how am I going to do it? It’s really easy if you have a tried and tested system to follow. And that’s what I want to share with you.

Here’s How You Can Finally Find All Of The Private Lenders You Need To Guarantee You Can Start Closing Deals And Never Lose A Big Check Again.

As the owner of iVisionary Financial Solutions, I’ve helped countless investors make a lot of money in the real estate market, and now, I’d like to help you succeed as a real estate investor no matter what type of deals cross your path… And I give you the tools and resources in my step-by-step, simple “Find Private Lenders Now” system.

You’ll discover…

  • How to find and attract ACTIVE private lenders the right way. I’ll show you three techniques that you can use to find ACTIVE private lenders right in your backyard. The key word his is ACTIVE…I’ll be showing you how to find ACTIVE private lenders who are ALREADY lending to real estate investors just like you.
  • How to make an extra 6 figures in your income using private money because you can say yes to every deal that comes across your plate. Cash is king, so I’ll show you where and how you can get that cash you need to close deals.
  • How to uncover your competitors private lenders! If you know your competition is using private lenders you can use do a simple search to find the same lenders and get them to work with you!
  • How to find who is liquidating their IRA to fund deals for investors. This is one of the most effective strategies on the planet for finding private lenders.
  • How to market to these private lenders to create a relationship. I’ll share with you how find out what you need to be aware of legally when working with private lenders.

In addition, I’ll give you a FREE copy of my ” Anatomy
Of A Private Money Deal” course…

This training course is a real life, meat-on-the-bone case study where I am on a webinar with an actual real estate investor whom I lent $75,000 to for a rehab project and together, we break down the entire transaction for you from start to finish. Inside you’ll discover….

  • How to get a loan that doesn’t require monthly payments. You’ll learn how to structure your loan on terms that most benefit you and your current situation.
  • How to answer the toughest questions that a private money lender will ask you. Never get tongue-tied again, I’ll show you the questions that these lenders ask and how to answer them.
  • Why paying 20% interest is good for you. Hard money lenders only ask for an average of 15% interest. Why should you pay 20% to a private money lender and why is it good for you?
  • The FREE tool that you can use to create trust and transparency in your relationship with your lender. It’s a free and simple tool that you can use to show the lender how you spend his money up to the last cent and therefore make him trust you more.
  • How to change your lifestyle and those around you. As a real estate investor, you have the power to change your life and the lives of the people you deal with.
  • And More!

The Simple, Step-By-Step “Find Private Lenders Now” System Will Help You…

  • Instantly build a list of ACTIVE private lenders for all of your future real estate deals
  • Capitalize on Auction deals, REO investor deals, and Rehab deals that require cash to close
  • Skip the brutal qualifying process that bank and hard money lenders put your through
  • Acquire incredible deals and 30, 40, and 50 cents on the dollar because you can now do the two things that THE most successful investors do…close with cash and close quickly.
  • Gain the confidence you need to start making hundreds of offers a month because you know you will actually be capable of closing on the offers that get accepted

All together this package is a $391 Value. But when you reserve your copy today it’s Absolutely FREE!

Just pay a small $9.37 fee for shipping and handling.I’m confident that this FREE package will give you everything you need to know about dealing with private lenders. So again, don’t miss out on this fantastic offer:

*A modest $9.37 shipping and handling fee applies.

Now you know you need cold hard cash so you can say yes to every deal that comes your way. You also understand that private money lenders can make that happen for you. This is your chance to get in touch and build lasting relationships with them so you can start the money rolling!

You no longer need to have tons of cash of your own, have a stellar credit score or a clean bank history to do deals. Forget about banks and hard money lenders. Private money lenders are here to help you!

To your success,

Kent Clothier

PS. I’m sending you this offer for a limited time only. After that, I’ll pull it off the market and then sell it as a premium package later on for full price. So here’s your chance to get your hands on this for FREE, just pay shipping and handling, so don’t delay.

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