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Gain access to real properties for sale! – This is not a service or gimmick. We are wholesalers in the Syracuse NY area, bringing you and other serious investors true “well below market” deals for sale. Here you can get a variety of cheap High Cash Flow wholesale real estate deals from our own investment portfolio. In other cases, you’ll see deals where you can¬†simply take over the purchase contract, by assignment, prior to our closing.¬† In either scenario, we will make a small quick profit, and you’ll retain the bulk of the equity… Then everyone can happily & profitably move on to the next deal.

In All Of Our Transactions…

We leave MOST of the money on the table in the deal for YOU!


Talk to the real seller of the property – Many wholesalers that you speak to are selling other investors wholesale properties that they have no control over. All properties on our site have been secured with a valid contract between us (the “Investor”) and the sellers of the property… So, everything is primed and ready for you to make a deal with us today!


You’ll see detailed information about the properties – This includes comparable Wholesale Real Estate sales reports from public records, property maps, the discounted wholesale price, photos… everything you need to determine if it’s a good deal for you!

Be able to talk to a real person – A real live phone number is on each listing so that you can contact us with any questions that you may have about the property and discuss price.